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Kwame screwed up!!!

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on January 20, 2010

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick (who Detroiters affectionately refer to by first name,) screwed up.  That may sound like a no-brainer but he really did.  So let’s take a look at how the transgressions of a youthful Mayor has bitten him in the ass.

Kilpatrick’s mother is an elected official and his father has worked for very powerful and influential political leaders. Kwame was groomed for greatness.  His success as Floor Leader in the Michigan House of Representatives, led to a successful bid to become the Mayor of Detroit.  Here is where the problem starts.  I recall a statement from a local media outlet in 2001 saying that Kwame Kilpatrick will be a colossal success… or a colossal failure as Mayor of Detroit.  Well we know how that turned out but I’ll continue on.

Rumors of an alleged party at the Manoogian mansion plagued his first term.  This is the root of all later issues with the Kilpatrick Administration.  An exotic dancer named Tamera Green was rumored to have danced at that party and later turned up dead.  Kilpatrick’s local and state support started to dwindle.  The media that was once in his corner started investigating other aspects of the Kilpatrick Administration.  At every turn it appeared that Detroit was dealing with a corrupt Mayor.  Finally Kilpatrick was ousted from office for lying about an improper relationship with his Chief of Staff.  Ok we know all of this but what do we now know?

As I said earlier this was a youthful Mayor.  He and I are the same age and when elected for Mayor he was 31-years old.  Better decisions needed to have been made on whether or not to have strippers at the Manoogian mansion, (if that event took place at all,) but if so, I understand.  Many Detroiters at that time believed the party happened and found it amusing and forgivable considering Kwame’s youthfulness (I’m talking about the time before Tamera Greens Murder.)   So with the above being said where would we be in local politics if this Manoogian party scandal never took place.

The Kilpatrick administration would have governed as it did, he would have still angered rivals but would have not had this “Thing” hanging over his head. He would have made deals, however shady or legit that they may have been, like every one of his predecessors.  He would have brushed off his critics as being racist or for tageting him with an anti-Detroit agenda.  This would have been endering to Detroiters and with the amount of progress that Detroit was making under the Kilpatrick administration, these actions would have made him popular with the Southeast Michigan voter.

In this tumultuous year for the Michigan Democratic party, who other than Kwame Malak Kilpartick could have challenged Attorney General Mike Cox for the big seat in Lansing?  No one!  My understanding is that Michigan can be divided into third for the voting block.  The Upper Peninsula, Western Michigan and Eastern Michigan, with Eastern Michigan being an overwhelming block of voters over the other two.  Yes I am saying that 2010 could have been the year for a face off between Mike Cox and Kwame Kilpatrick for Governor of the state of Michigan.  But do you know what happened…


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