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Random thoughts from watching the Grammy Awards.

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on February 1, 2010

I was going to wait until tommorow before I blogged about this but that performance by Pink got me going so here goes.

For some strange reason, when Lady Gaga performs, I am suddenly fearful for my saftey and she is nowhere near me. That girl scares me.

How cool was it that Stephen Colbert was a presenter at the Grammy’s. How much more cool was it that he proclaimed himself cooler than Jay-Z because he had a iPad.

I really never liked Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy” but BOY did she perform the hell out of that song.

One great thing about the Grammy Awards is that you are exposed to some great performances of song that you might not normally listen to. This is most true when it came to Pinks performance. Here’s the wrap up on her performance. Butt naked, pasty wearing, upside down hanging, singing, soaking wet… AMAZING is the only way I can finish this sentence.

Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas is not and I repeat IZ NOT going to bring the Bobby Brown Gumby hair cut back.

(Reflecting back) I think I’m in love with Pink!


The Grammy’s are the most strict with the “wrap-it-up music aren’t they. I remember they were afraid to play the wrap-it-up music when James Cameron went over his time on the Golden Globes. I’ll be watching for that at the Oscars.

Jamie Foxx is off da Hook! He gave a great performance but what was T-Pain doing? I could have sworn that The Predator was doing the Matrix move.

Why can’t I get Kanye out of my mind when I see Taylor Swift? You know you were thinking about that too.

(Michael Jackson Tribute) Why didn’t I get my Grammy 3D glasses? (waving fist in the air) GRAMMYS!!! Argh! If I went out and bought a Thriller Jacket in 1984 do I need to get a red armband now? Hmmmm.

(Reflecting back to Jamie Foxx and Slash) I’m gonna start wearing performance costumes while I’m out and about. I’ll just tell people that I’m a guitarist for a rock band.

I know that Kanye did it to himself but isn’t it a shame that he couldn’t even be at the Grammy’s to accept an Award that really deserved? He was nominated three times in the same category. Kanye is a great producer but he has also made and ass of himself at these events. So I’m wondering, how long is Kanye going to be ostracized?

(Reflecting back) How long is this love spell that Pink has over me going to last?

Ok wrestling fans, You know that black dude that was playing the violin with the Dave Matthew’s band looked like Booker T. of Harlem Heat. You know it!

What were you thinking when Beyonce accepted her award? I was thinking that she was flawlessly dressed with the perfect amount of cleavage showing to be sexy yet classy. I was also thinking how critical we as fans are when celebrities are on the screen looking a little bit flawed. Maybe a horrible outfit selection or maybe something just being a little bit out of place. Next I thought about how would I dress if the public was looking at me when ever I was out and about? How would you dress if you were a public figure? How much effort would you put in looking flawless as Beyonce did or does it even matter?

(Reflecting back) How long am I gonna be afraid of Lady Gaga?

Quentin Tarintino is a little bit over the top right now isn’t he?

The censors cut out much of the Lil’ Wayne, Eminem, Drake performance. I think the censors were a little bit trigger happy. There should have been some video censors because during this performance I started singing… “Pant’s On The Ground.”

I enjoyed the Grammy Awards and i’ll have more to say as the impact of the winners and nominees sinks in.


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  1. Mandi said, on February 1, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    Okay… first off, anyone who dares try to bring back the Bobby Brown Gumby inspired hair do is a moron! It was never nor is it now a fashion must to wear a helmet hard hair style that give Rave Hairspray name back in an unwanted fashion industry.

    Kanye did it to himself. He just need to learn that his opinions aren’t wanted. I’m sure that his mama isn’t NOT proud of his outbursts. Taylor Swift isn’t my favorite, but she didn’t deserve what he did. We’ll also never know what Beyonce thought of his actual opinion because if she was to have treated Swift with the same attitude and opinions, she’s have lost that wonderful images she has tried so hard to build. They are performers, not saints.

    And I’m afraid of Lady Gaga too… I’m afraid that those one legged catsuits she wears are going to make her infertile…. now that I think about it, that wouldn’t be so bad. Do you want little lemming Gaga’s running around. It curls my toes in fear.

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