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Everyone Is Trippin’ Over Sam Riddle’s Deadlocked Jury. What could you have done about it?

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on February 18, 2010

Are you trippin’?  Do you think that Sam Riddle should have been convicted?  Many of you do.  Especially after the media has reported that eleven members of the Jury felt that the evidence was overwhelming against Riddle.

But what I think many of you are tripping out about is the “Jury” of his peers.  I have heard many people saying that eleven white people and 1 black person was not a “Jury” of his peers.  REALLY!  Really.  Why do you think that is?

When you got that letter that you were going to perform Jury Duty did you blow it off.  Did you not show up?  Did you show up, sit there and try to find a way out of Jury Duty?  How many black people try to shirk their civic duty to sit on a Jury?  Were you one that could have sat on the Riddle case?  Did you think that the money that you would lose by not being at work was not worth being a Juror?  Yep I bet some of you did.  And some of you are going to do it again tomorrow for the next case.

How can you complain about a predominately white Jury when you are not pulling your weight when asked?  Oh you asking about me aren’t you?  I have not served on a Jury.  I was service a notice for Jury Duty once before.  I had my excuse too.  I was in Iraq fighting a war!  I hope that is a good enough excuse.


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  1. Crystal said, on February 19, 2010 at 8:52 am

    I served jury duty once. It was for a murder trial. I was dismissed because the criminal basically threatened to have all of us killed that were sitting in front of him…and heck yes, I was glad to leave! The real question is, how often are Blacks asked to serve? I have never been requested to serve again. That interesting considering it’s been over 30 years! Enough being said on that…Yes, the scales of justice did not weigh fairly in the Riddle trial. But, the sister carried her weight…MISTRIAL. The only thing that vexed my spirit was Ms. 1200 AM…you know whom I’m speaking of, when she was interviewed on “The Edge,” the other evening stating that she had her “sources.” She called the results of the Riddle trial exactly. Don’t you think some things are just better left unsaid?? This sheds a different light on the case and makes one wonder, how many people were running their mouths during the case, and were there any under handed decisions made? Mr. Riddle….a man who is truly living up to his name, wouldn’t you say? Can one really figure this man out?

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