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Rick Snyder – ONE FUNNY NERD!

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on February 23, 2010

Rick Snyder, former CEO and Chairman of Gateway computers is running for Governor of Michigan. His TV commercials brand him as “One Tough Nerd!” The most recent one has images of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (Nerds) to illustrate that nerds are the successful people who can make a difference and not politicians.

I think that this is a rather interesting and funny campaign so far and it has caused me to have to look further into the background of this “Tough Nerd” that wants to be the Governor of my State.

I understand where he is coming from but I want to know what does this “Tough Nerd” intend to do to move Michigan forward. Scott Brown was elected (R) Senator of Massachusetts with his campaign stating… “Hi I’m Scott Brown and this is my truck.” What does Scott Brown’s Truck have to do with how will he will Legislate in Congress? What does being a “Tough Nerd” have to do with Governing Michigan? Is Rick Snyder going to get into a UFC Match with Bill Gates? I might need a tough nerd for that. Is Rick Snyder going to beat up the weakest bully? Again that may be a job for a tough nerd. I may even need a tough nerd to tell me to stop double spacing after a period (I Just learned that punctuation rules have changed.)

I understand that politics is a tough business (ask President Obama about his last year.) But during the Obama Presidential Campaign we the public was told by the candidate what he wanted to move this country forward. I want to know from the “Tough Nerd,” What are you going to do to move this state forward?


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  1. Crystal said, on February 23, 2010 at 11:45 pm

    Hmmm? Not quite an oxymoron…”tough nerd.” But, I can relate to Mr. Snyder, because this state does need one that is tough enough to stand against all the political injustices that many times surface within the “game” of politics. Yet one needs to be intelligent enough to develop plans, strategies, a strong political agenda and incorporate a financial budget to get the State of Michigan back where it once was…productive and living up to it’s motto of “Welcome to Michigan.” The commercial which I had the opportunity to view, did hold my attention, but it leaves the question, “Well, what can you do for Michigan, Mr. Snyder?”
    The “Tough Nerd,” shows many positive aatributes that he has accomplished and he even has family members supportively smiling in the background, but he’s going to have to prove how tough of a nerd he is and convince one that he’s the man for the job, of turning this state around!

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