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Celebrity Apprentice Week 1 – Guess who I’d fire.

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on March 15, 2010

One of the few reality shows that I really enjoy started this week. The Apprentice. Of course this year is the return of the Celebrity version of the show. Doesn’t it seem that during the recession that Donald Trump would bring back the regular version of the show and give someone a job? Maybe not. That’s ok though.  I don’t want to see any more Omarosa’s running around out there.

The first episode of the Apprentice had me shouting at the TV again for almost two hours. The show started with a twist. Each team had to pick the others Project Manager for the first task.  It was funny that Bret Michaels knew that he would be picked to be the Project Manager by other team.  Michaels said that he would be picked because they think that he’s been stoned since the third grade. Funny! They did pick him but it was because he had only one hour of sleep.  I think that was a mistake.  The obvious person to pick to lead the men’s team was Rod Blagojevich.  This guy is a disaster waiting to happen. It was funny to see him go back to that “I do not recall” line from his hearings. The men’s team picked Cindy Lauper to be the Project Manager.  Next they each chose names for their teams.  Tenacity v Rock Solid.  The men thought about Rock Hard but stuck with Rock Solid instead (Good Job Bill Goldberg.)

Next was the event.  Operate a Deli, raise money for charity.  Team Rock Solid’s first mistakes was the deli menu.  Hamburgers started out at $100 and they served Truffles. AT A DELI?!  Howevery, Darryl Strawberry proved to be an asset. I’m not sure where he ranked as far as money made but he was in charge of getting big money people in the door.  Chef Curtis Stone’s idea to serve truffles in a deli was WAY out there. A great moment happened when Chef Stone had second thoughts about the menu but Michaels as the Project Manager manned up, grabbed his balls and made a decision to stay with the program. This could save Stone in the boardroom if Rock Solid doesn’t win.  But they did win.

Wait a minute. I mentioned the mens team mistakes yet they won. How did that happen. Team Tenacity REALLY didn’t have  mistakes. They ran a near flawless operation.  Simple, Rock Solid had many more big money donors (Good Job Straw!) But what surprised me more than anything was what happened in the board room.

In the board room the losing team sat before Donald Trump. No one could decide on who should be fired. Carol Leifer was singled out for staying out side too long trying to get customers in when they had a line around the block.  But that was the only negative thing about the entire operation. Cindy Lauper couldn’t pick two people to stay in the board room with her so the entire team stayed (bad move.)

If an operation works flawlessly and the employees do well… The supervisors catch shortcoming and fix the situation… and the overall function of the event is successful what do you judge on? NUMBERS! Tenacity won a $10,000 bonus from Joan Rivers judging of the event and still got beat by $20,000.  In business it is about numbers. Profits. Cost. Labor. Same Store sales, ect. If the team succeeds but the organization fails whose to blame? THE BOSS!!!  MANAGERS – ARE – EXPENDABLE!  Run a good operation, don’t make numbers, you gotta go. So why the hell did Donald Trump fire Carol Leifer over Cindy Lauper?  Lauper couldn’t make a decision on who to bring into the boardroom. Bad move. It just worked out for her because Trump appeared flustered and just went with that ole gut instead of that ole head.

Sorry that you got fired Carol. If it’s any consolation Donald Trump you are not fired but… You are on probation!!!


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