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Celebrity Apprentice – Week 2

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on March 29, 2010

I did not post immediately after the last episode because I was not inspired to report it right away.  I must report on it before I post on week three so here goes.

Week two Celebrity Apprentice came and went.  One thing that I love about this show is how the product placement is utilized as a prop for the task.  This week the product was Kodak.  Both teams had a task similar to one from last season. Re-brand the Kodak moment.   It would seem that both teams did not watch last seasons Kodak branding episode or they totally forgot the success that both teams had last year.  It doesn’t matter because early on the winner was determined.

Maria of WWE fame was the Projet manager for Tenacity.  She did a great job of corralling the women together to execute a near flawless branding project.  They allowed for customers to have “The Championship Experience.”  The experience was great.  The chaos for team Tenacity was with the customers receiving their pictures.

Sinbad led RockSolid as Project Manager. I have argued in the past the TRUE creatives make lousy manager / leaders most of the time.  Sinbad was the epitome of my argument.  A great comedic mind and a great guy that did not want to offend anyone (including the printer that messed up the order,) Sinbad was a car wreck as Project Manager.  Team RockSolids high points were first… that they pulled it off. Second, customers taking pictures with celebrities in their own sports or field was great.  Sinbad just didn’t cover all bases and properly brand THE PRODUCT.  The idea to allow customers to receive their pictures online was great but the secret shoppers were not told were to retrieve their pictures. Many of the customers that were told where to download their pictures still didn’t receive their pictures online. The items that Kodak was interested in selling was on a display table and appeared to be separate from the rest of the function.

The boardroom proved to be very predictable.  Team Tenacity won their task even though the customers could not get their pictures very easily. Again Cindy Lauper seemed to be the poison pill on team Tenacity.  Sinbad brought Rod Blagojovich and Brett Michaels back into the boardroom.  Even before Trumps interrogation it was clear that Sinbad would get fired.  And fired he was.

This episode exposed Brett Michaels as a bit emotional.  Cindy Lauper as well.  Michaels has this “Everyone is out to get me” complex and Lauper is just an irritating sweetheart.  She so sweet but waste so much time with the unnecessary gibber jabber.

Mr. Trump this one was easy for you.  This group of celebrities for the most part have refused to take this  game seriously.  There is no reason to go all Omarosa on each other but no one is REALLY standing up for themselves or highlighting the teams shortcomings.  This “I wanna be nice to my teammate” attitude will wear off and your job will become harder in the coming weeks.

This week Trump… Your Safe!


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