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Wrestlemania XXVI – Where are the show stealers? (My thoughts by match)

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on March 29, 2010

Championship Tag Team match – ShoMiz (The Big Show and The Miz) v John Morrison and R-Truth– Solid match Morrison & R-Truth are great together.  This team has the ability to steal a show.  The problem with this is that is hard to steal the show working with the Big Show.  The Miz performed very well but this was not a show stealing match.- Winner ShowMiz

Triple Threat Match – Randy Orton v Cody RhodesTed DiBiase – Great match for all three Legacy members.  Randy Orton has mastered ring psychology and made this a very emotional match.  How else do you explain the huge pop that Orton gets?  He’s a heel y’all he never became a face.  Dibiase and Rhodes just became more heel.  We can’t wait to boo Orton but he put on such a great match that we had to cheer. – Winner Randy Orton

Money In The Bank Ladder Match – Jack SwaggerDolph ZigglerShelton BenjaminDrew McIntyreChristianMontel Vontavious PorterMatt HardyEvan BourneKofi Kingston and KaneThis match always has the opportunity to steal the show. This year it didn’t.  Top spots.  Matt Hardy hip tosses Evan Borne off the ladder from 15 feet above the ring.  – Winner Jack Swagger

Triple H v SheamusThis has show stealer all over it.  No matter who Triple H is fighting he can carry the psychology of a match.  The only problem with this match stealing the show is that there are two brawlers going at it.  Big spots and technical skills were not a huge part of this match. This match was about brawling and ring psychology.  Great match but we really have no reason to hate Sheamus enough to give him some REAL heat.  – Winner Triple H

Rey Mysterio v  CM Punk (with Luke Gallows and Serena) – Again this match has Show stealer all over it.  Rey fought his standard high flyer match. Punk is great as a heel and the ring psychology was great.  Best spot – During CM Punks entrance a fan had a sign that said “Even Jesus Hates CM Punk!”  Funny.  – Winner Rey Mysterio

Bret Hart v Vince McMahonRegardless how casual fans think that this played out on the screen this was a great moment in Wrestling history.  Vince loss but Vince won.  This whole match boils down to respecting the traditions in the Wrestling business.  Bret did not want to do that 13 years ago hence the Montreal Screw Job.  Tradition… Drop the belt when asked to do so.  Sean Michaels v Rick Flair retirement match.  Tradition… Job when asked to do so. Sean Michaels v Undertaker.  Tradition Job when asked to do so.  These decision are made to better the business not the individual.  Here’s another one.  Humiliate Bret Hart for two months for not following the tradition of the business.  Ridicule him and his family then during the match have the shit beat out of you.  Tradition… get your ass beat when necessary.  Wrestlers that follow these traditions are class acts and by allowing Vince to demean him for months… Brett Hart had a second opportunity to respect the tradition of wrestling (and beat the shit out of Vince McMahon. Vince took chair shots like he Mick Foley.) -Winner Bret Hart

One of the things about the Wrestlemania card is trying to figure out which Championship match is going to close the show. Even though the hype was good the next match was…

Chris Jericho (c) v EdgeGreat match!  Not a Show stealer.Biggest spot. Edge spears Jericho through the ring barrier after the match.   -Winner Chris Jericho

Michelle McCoolLaylaMaryseAlicia Fox and Vickie Guerrero v.  Mickie JamesKelly KellyEve TorresGail Kim and Beth PhoenixSome fans think this is bathroom break time.  I think the WWE does too because of where this match falls on the card.  This was the Divas chance to do Money in the Bank with no Money in the Bank and no ladders.  I wish Vickie would have hit a better frog splash. – Winner Vickie’s Team

The promo for the next match played and then twitter exploded with “THEY ARE GOING TO END THE SHOW WITH SHAWN MICHAELS VS THE UNDERTAKER!”  I can’t remember when Wrestlemania ended with out a championship match.  However, this IS The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.

John Cena v Batista (c) – Again this is the match! The Main Event!  But this match was overshadowed by the Undertaker v Shawn Michaels. This was still a very good match.  John Cena’s ring entrance was awesome! As with the Triple H Sheamus match you have two brawlers.  I think Batista put on one of the best performances since Wrestlemania 23 in Detroit.  – Winner John Cena

The Undertaker v Shawn Michaels Everyone knew how this would end.  No one wanted it it end that way.  Everyone wanted it to end that way.  This is the type of emotional train ride the Taker and Shawn Michaels took us on for about 25 plus minutes.  From the Undertakers new entrance and robe to Shawn Michaels using the Takers “It over” taunt.  Is it possible that they topped the performance from last year?  No it can’t be done can it.  Well YES IT WAS!  The bar is set very high from these two competitors. Winner – The Undertaker 18-0 (Note: Respecting the tradition says Shawn was going to preserve the Takers 18-0 streak.  A real class act.  Congrats)


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