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Celebrity Apprentice – Week 3 (The Controller)

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on April 5, 2010

The task this week was to produce a 4-page advertorial for Norton 360 & Lifelock.  The Project Managers for the two teams were Michael Johnson for Team RockSolid & Summer Sanders for Team Tenacity.  Michael Johnson started out by assigning duties right away.  Bret Michaels immediately buzzed around Johnson until he got an assignment.  Mind you he was already given an assignment.  Clearly there is entertainment value from Michaels surviving long enough to stay on the show.

Sanders took charge of Team Tenacity and made a few decisions but let the team progress on its own.  Sharon Osborne was selected to be the spokesperson for the team but functioned more as a candid diplomat to keep the team on task.  Even though Team Tenacity appeared to be a power keg waiting to explode, they functioned well to produce the advertorial. Sharon Osborne appeared to botch the presentation and the computer failed to project the slide show on the screen for the Norton and Lifelock executives.

Michael Johnson picked Curtis Stone to be the spokesperson for the product. Johnson felt that cooking was big and that people would trust a Chef and a current Celebrity. Bret Michaels thought that it should have been Goldberg.  Johnson listened to Michaels well-reasoned argument for Goldberg, then went with Stone.  Rod Blagojevich thought the decision was a pre-ejaculation.

Michael Johnson’s performance this week made me take a look at management styles.  The four are analysers, supporters, controllers and promoters.  Understand that no style is considered better than the other but knowing the style of the person you are dealing with is very important.  Johnson is clearly a controller.  As a fellow controller I immediately recognized the following traits in Johnson.

  • Task accomplisher
  • Bottom-line results
  • Self-motivated
  • Forward looking
  • Fast decision-maker
  • Initiates activities
  • Disciplined
  • Likes to control others

Controllers are also known to seldom listen to others around them, focusing only on the task at hand. Controllers often stand up for themselves and take full responsibility for their actions.

OK, the Norton and Lifelock executives chose Team Tenacity’s project to be the better of the two and the women won again.  They though that the men should have used Goldberg as the spokesman and that RockSolids advertorial was a bit wordy. Both of these things Johnson vetoed when brought to his attention by Michaels. In the boardroom Michael Johnson stood up for how he managed the project and was unyielding in he views.  He was ready to be fired as the Project Manager of the losing team. Darryl Strawberry was asked who should be fired and he said… “ME!”  What! Did Strawberry not see past seasons of this show? Did he know that you should not ask to be fired?  After a bit of a scolding by The Donald, Strawberry attempted to back pedal a little bit but it didn’t work.  Trump fired Strawberry and told Johnson the he got lucky.

I understand that in the end Strawberry probably wanted to take the hit for the team but I don’t think that this show is about that.  It’s about cunning, shrewdness honesty and winning.  Sooner or later these candidates will figure that out.  Someone need to call Annie Duke from last season.

Donald Trump.  This was an easy one… Fire the one that asked to go home.


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