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Celebrity Apprentice – Week 4 (Agony!)

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on April 5, 2010

Week four of the Apprentice  started off a bit unique.  Selita Ebanks and Rod Blagojevich were picked as the Project Managers for their respective teams then they were sent off to Orlando, Florida to learn their task. I knew immediately that communications skills were going to be a major part of this task and technology is not Governor Blagojevich’s best friend.  

Team Tenacity got a jump on their task using text messages and e-mails.  Governor Blagojevich had to resort to using the phone but was restricted a bit because he didn’t want to talk about his strategy while the other Project Manager was around.  Admittedly I would have had trouble with this task because it was centered around a Harry Potter attraction and I am no Harry Potter fan.  I know nothing about the world of Harry Potter.  But I do know management.  The Governor made a great decision to make Bret Michaels the creative director of this task.  The men were off to a rocky start but they pulled the task together in the end.

As much as many people like to watch a car wreck taking place, I like to watch success. Watching Team RockSolid execute this task was more of  a car wreck.  Scratch that.  RockSolids performance was like a slow agonizing car wreck.  I was waiting for the week that Governor Blagojevich was going to be the project manager. I was actually hoping that he would show the management skills that a former Governor should have.  In some wierd way I was pulling for Blagojevich to win his task.

Their is not much that I can say about the performance of Team Tenacity.  They did not execute this task with the flawlessness of past weeks tasks.  They just flowed.  Most of this episode highlighted the car wreck that was taking place on the other team.

No details are really needed for this one.  Team RockSolid lost and Team Tenacity won.  In the boardroom.  Blagojevich chose Curtis Stone and Michael Johnson to come back in and face Donald Trump.  This was a bit of a shocker because the Governor delegated a vast majority of this task to Bret Michaels.  The entire team, including Michaels said that Michaels should have been brought back into that boardroom. Blagojevich stuck to his guns which was a bad move.  I admire the fight that Blagojevich had in the boardroom but that fight would have gone further with the right people in there.

So Blagojevich was fired ala Sinbad (You made it too easy for the Trumpster there Blago) and the women have a commanding lead just like last season.  Now the men’s team is down to the stronger players or the players that have the tenacity (ahem) to get the job done.  One thing I have to say.  The love fest will not happen next week on either team.  It appears that all the celebrities that are left are going to have to fight their way through these coming weeks.  It may not be a matter of “throwing someone under the bus” it will come down to performance.

Donald Trump, again they made it easy for you this week.  You get a pass.


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