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I Auditioned for The Apprentice Season 10 (Calculated)

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on April 14, 2010

Last week April 7, 2010 I auditioned for The Apprentice.  Everything about how I approached the audition was calculated.  The Audition was held at the Palladium 12 in Birmingham, MI.  I already knew the area and parking situation.  I decided to calculate my strategy for being one of the first people there.

The NBC website said very little about what was to be expected. In fact the only thing about the audition was the location, times and that they were only going to see the first 500 people.  I decided that I would get there the night before and nap in my car until I needed to get in the line.  The day before, I watched WDIV news to see how much promotion this event was getting.  To my surprise there was not much promo. My intention was to handle my business running around town early in the day and come home for final preparations for the audition.  Well as things go, that didn’t happen.  I was out all day and didn’t return home until about 8PM, TIRED.  I took a nap and woke up in time for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

I watched WDIV news again at 11PM to see if they would report on a line forming.  No report! But the weather forecast was for rain.  Hmmm.  I calculated that not too many people would be outside all night in the rain so I changed my plan.  I decided to be there by 6AM.  I finished ironing my shirt, laying my clothes out then I went to sleep.

That next morning I woke up at 4AM and turned WDIV news back on.  No report on the audition.  I continued getting ready.  I have a chair from Wrestlemania 23 with Donald Trumps image on it and I thought that I would take that so that I would have something to sit on while in line. I dropped that Idea.  I was ready to head out at 5AM then I heard a tease on the news that after the break they would be doing a report on the audition situation.  I was very ancy so I didn’t wait to see the report.  I calculated that News Radio 950 would have a report at some point that I could hear while I was driving.  No report.

I decided that I would rather have my morning Starbucks Triple Ventti Cappuccino with soy milk standing in line and not while driving so I used the coffee finder application on my iPhone to find the Starbucks nearest to my destination and I started out.  I calculated that if other people were thinking like I was that they would arrive at the audition site at around 6AM as well.  I arrived at Starbucks at 5:45AM and ordered quickly.  You would have thought I was late for work.  I though that the Barista wasn’t yet woke.

I arrived at the site and I saw a line had formed so I quickly parked and jumped out to hop in line.  It was 6AM.  After a little small talk and introductions I asked the guy behind me to hold my place so that I could go park in the lot so that I wouldn’t get a ticket (small talk calculated.) He agreed and suddenly about 10 people joined me in moving their cars from what was surely a ticket zone.

As I went back to my place in line I decided to count the number of people standing in wait.  I counted 43! I arrived in the place I estimated that I would be. (Calculated!)

For the next 2 hours I talked with others in line about the show and other things.  It was cool to talk with a group of people who watched the show and had great opinions and points of view about the current contestants decisions.  There were people from as far away as Louisiana that came to audition.  WDIV finally showed up about 7:30AM to do the story.  There were about 150 people in line by then. The reporter ask for anyone that was in line that didn’t want to be on TV to step out.  Seems as though a lot of people called off from work that day to come to the audition. About 30 people stepped out of line. The reporter made her way down the line.  There was a guy in the gaggle where I was standing that was a musician and had brought his drum to the audition (calculated).  He brought it so that he may stand out in the crowd. Stand out he did. He also had a book that he had written that he was there to promote.  When the reporter approached us she saw that drum and he was the first one that she focused on.  The reporter interviewed him first.  Another guy in my group had dreadlocks, gym shoes and shorts. He was laid off from Chrysler.  Amid the nearly 200 people who were in suits and dressed as if they were on a job interview, this guy wanted to stand out by his style of dress (calculated.) The reporter interviewed him next.

The reporter then turned her attention to me.  I was dressed in a black long coat business suit.  Long coat because it stands out more than a regular length suit coat (calculated.)  The reporter asked my story. I explained that I was an Army Reservist and had a difficult time finding work after Iraq so I went to school for a career change.  She conducted her interview with me than continued on down the line.  At 8AM the show interns passed out armbands for the first 500.  Great! I AM GETTING IN!  The Apprentice came to Detroit and had auditions for season 2.  I went to the audition that year. I had called in sick from work that day.  As I stood in line, I saw my bosses wife in line a number of people in front of me. I politely slide out of line and went home.  I wasn’t trying to get fired by trying to get hired so I didn’t get in to that audition.  I told this story to the folks that I was in line with for laughs. The entire time I am sizing up the competition.  I am seeing who is there to be a Kwame Jackson or a Omerosa.  I wanted to know who was the Joan Rivers or the Annie Duke (she’s the poooker player.)

At 9AM The Producers brought us in groups of six. I was in the fifth group to go in.  The Producer sat us in a board room setting and gave us the instructions. She cautioned us that this was our only shot. My group had formed a bit of camaraderie and was very jovial. I was generally serious but fun. We were asked to introduce ourselves. As we concluded out introductions the producer gave us nicknames. Everyone was very loose with their introductions.  Seemed too loose for me.  Some didn’t complete what was asked for in the introduction.  I was calculating.  The guy with the drum was nicknamed obviously drummer. There was a guy whose last name was kind of cutesy. His nickname was Elmo. The guy with the jeans and dread locks was nicknamed dreads. When it was my turn I hit it! “Hello, My name is Jesse Dion Sutton, I’m from Detroit and graduated from Henry Ford High School.  I then joined the United States Army and have been in for nearly 20 years.  I returned from Iraq to find a difficult job market so I went to school for a career change. I’m here to be the next Apprentice.”  The produce said wow and named me The Silent Ninja.  I smiled. NAILED IT!

The Producer gave us a topic to discuss (argue) about and she observed and took notes.  The topic was who or what was the fault of the collapse of the current economy.  I started the discussion off with a hot button statement that got the boardroom fired up.  The discussion went on for about 5 minutes. The discussion ended when Drummer said “You gotta think about Michael Jackson and look at the man in the mirror.  That’s why I don’t point my finger at anyone because there are alway three pointing back at you.”  I extended my arm with my fingers straight out and said “That’s why I point like this.”  The whole room broke out in laughter (calculated.)

The Producer asked each person in the group who would they pick to be the Project Manager if we were on the show. Three of them picked me. We were then asked who would you fire. This led to much debate about how the task might have went. The consensus was that the Project Manager would be fired if everything went right but the team still didn’t win.  Also that if it came down to nick-picking, little mistakes would become the determining factor. I led this discussion (calculated.)

The Producer then told us that they would be conducting call backs over the next three days and that if you heard nothing that you were not considered.  My group left out of the room laughing and joking then we tried to fake out the next group by saying how hard it was to be in there.  We exchanged numbers shook hands and departed.  Now the waiting starts.

Thursday… no call.

Friday… no call.

Saturday… the phone rings.  It’s Dreads!  He called to tell me that he got the call back.

Of all of us in line and in the group that came dressed the part, and looked the look, the guy that was picked was the guy that was the most informal. (NOT CALCULATED!)


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  1. Tonya Solomon said, on April 15, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    Wow The guy with the locks got it. I could see that happening because he really stood out in apperance which means that the judges could not help but be focused on everything he did. Whether it was a concious decision, I don’t know but the little absurd always gets a second thought in ones mind. Remeber the third time is the charm.

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