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Why are these people protesting against their own self interest?

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on April 17, 2010

President Barack Obama has for filled his campaign promise to lower taxes for 95% of working Americans yet people are protesting against their own self-interest. Does this mean that these protesters are willing to pay higher taxes to get this President out of office? Should the Democrats uniformed platform for 2010 be “VOTE REPUBLICAN AND HAVE YOUR TAXES RAISED.”

Why are the protester so enraged? What is the characteristics and traits that are unifying theses protesters against the President? Why are they suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome and is there a cure? In the early 1900’s a similar false hysteria swept the country.  The fear that black men on cocaine would rape white women.  The New York Times published an article on February 11, 1914 alleging, “Most of the attacks upon white women of the South are the direct result of the ‘cocaine crazed Negro brain.’” That phrase “cocaine crazed Negro” swept the nation, and a host of anti-cocaine laws followed.

What will be the result of Obama Derangement Syndrome? The above mentioned hysteria was just as false as the current one.  What do these protesters want to accomplish? Lower taxes? You have it. Smaller government? You mean smaller than the record growth of government under the Reagan Administration? You had that in the 90’s then you opted for bigger government (under the claims of reducing the size of government) in 2000. I don’t think that there are “G-Men” coming the knock on your door and find out about your daily activities. Scratch that. THEY ARE COMING TO SEE YOU IN MAY BECAUSE YOU THINK THE CENSUS IS A GOVERNMENT PLOT! Your fault.  Download the US Constitution App on your iPhone and read it.  Then fill out your census form and send it in.

This derangement over the current US President has to have some common bond that these protesters see as a threat to their false sense of security.  What is it?  Can someone help me understand this protesting against their own self-interest? (I could state the obvious but I’m submitting to the thought that there just may be some other reason.)


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