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Celebrity Apprentice – Week 5 (Da Funk!)

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on May 8, 2010

Week 5 finds the teams of Tenacity and RockSolid doing two promotional spots for Right Guard Total Defense 5. Team Tenacity chose Holly Robinson Peete as the Project Manager and RockSolid chose Curtis Stone. The teams met with the executives from Right Guard and they instructed both teams of the 13 – 18 male demographic they wanted to target.

Team Tenacity started off short-handed because Sharon Osborn was ill and Cindy Lauper had an engagement in Washington D.C.  Holly had a concept to base the commercial around “The First Moments of Funk” a time when a mother first notices that her son is funky. Scottie Pippen was the celebrity for the “First Moments of Funk” commercial and the women made him the “Funky Godfather.”  Cindy phoned in a suggestion from D.C. but most of the team blew off Cindy’s ideas. When she returned she was allowed to assist by helping make the jingle better. The first commercial was entertaining as was the second but the second one was a condensed edit of the first.

Bret Michaels of Team RockSolid immediately came up with a concept that Curtis decided to go with. Clyde Drexler was the Celebrity for the RockSolid spot.  The concept was that two teens won Clyde for the day and they were trying to make him funky. When filming began RockSolid began to feel as though the concept was too much to film in the alloted time. Bret Michaels kept changing the concept then Curtis made a decision to stay with the first concept. RockSolid’s first commercial was funny and on target and the second one was entertaining.

In the boardroom both teams commercials were shown. Donald Trump informed the teams that the Right Guard executives liked RockSolids spots better because they targeted the right demographic. RockSolid was dismissed from the boardroom.

Members of Team Tenacity started to identify where they went wrong and started “throwing each other under the bus.” Holly brought Maria Kanellis and Selita Ebanks back into the boardroom.  Holly and Maria argued for a while and Selita just sat there.  She was under attack at times but didn’t defend herself. Maria was being blamed for the editing of the spots and audio but deflected the attack back to Holly for not following up on the project when asked to do so.  In the end Selita was fired for not being a strong competitor and not defending herself.

What this group of celebrities still have not understood about the boardroom is that it is about accountability. That is the best argument to have in the boardroom. Selita appears to still be in the nice nice mode thus she got fired when it should have probably been Holly as the Project Manager for not targeting the right demographic.

Donald Trump this weeks decision was a bit harder.  Again the Project Manager screwed up the overall concept but Selita did not defend herself in the board room.  So Donald Trump you are safe this week.

Note:  Michael Johnson had an emergency and had to leave the show this week.


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