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Celebrity Apprentice – Week 6 (A Costly Mistake)

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on May 8, 2010

It will be hard to not foreshadow what happens in this episode as I introduce the task. Trace Adkins from season 1 of Celebrity Apprentice was the guest judge of the task.  He introduced the task to make-over two country artist.  Cindy Lauper jumped at the opportunity to make over a country artist for Team Tenacity. Bill Goldberg stepped up to be the Project Manager since everyone on his team had been the Project Manager at least once except him.  Donald Trump asked why not Bret Michaels for this task and Goldberg stated his case.

The two teams started by listening to the music of each artist and then met the artist.  The two artist were Emily West and Luke Bryan. Cindy fell in love with Emily and Bret called some music industry insiders for additional background. Both Tenacity and RockSolid met up to debate over which artist they wanted to work with. Tenacity chose Emily and without conflict RockSolid chose Luke.

Cindy started off being closed minded towards many of her team members and throughout the task she wouldn’t take any advice from anyone. Sharon Osborne was still out sick but when she returned Cindy only took advice from Sharon.  Maria Kanellis and Holly Robinson Peete were both trying to assist in the task but were not given the opportunity to do much to help the project.

Goldberg delegated much of the task to Bret Michaels because Bret is in the music business.  In usual form Bret was all over the place with ideas on how to make over their artist. Team RockSolid seemed to have little conflict accomplishing this task. Cindy Lauper was very difficult to work with for many of the teammates. Maria repeatedly attempted to assist in doing something, which just kept pissing Cindy off.

The artist makeovers were completed and both Luke and Emily had interviews and performed with their new persona. Pete Fisher from the Grand Ole Opry, Cynthia Sands from People Country Magazine and Mike Colota a country DJ judged the interview and performances of the two artist and tallied their results. In the boardroom Cindy went after Maria for her part as a stylist for Emily and Maria went right back at Cindy for changing what she had done. Cindy kept after Maria and Maria fired back by saying that her childhood idol Cindy Lauper was being mean.

The results of the judges were presented. Tenacity won! The Judges though highly of RockSolids work but it just wasn’t enough to win the task.

Goldberg as the Project Manager stated that he delegated most of the task to Bret Michaels.  Goldberg dug a hole that he could not get out of. He argued that he became the Project Manager because he felt it was his turn to step up. Bret and Curtis both thought that Bret should be fired because he handled most of the task. In the end Donald Trump fired Goldberg because he should not have been the Project Manager in the first place.

This was an easy one for The Donald and the way most things will go in a losing task. Project was a success… team loses… Project Manager gets fired.  Good Job Donald! This was an easy decision but the right decision.

Note: Trace Adkins did not initially agree with the Trumpster until he explained the Goldberg should not have been the Project Manager.


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