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Celebrity Apprentice – Week 7 (Reorganization)

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on May 12, 2010

“RockSolid, you’ve hit rock bottom. The women have kicked your ass… you know that!” – Donald Trump

This week finds RockSolid down to only two team member vs Tenacity’s having seven. Donald Trump moved Curtis Stone to Tenacity and moved Sharon Osborne and Maria Kanellis to RockSolid.  Both teams immediately took on a new vibe with RockSolid being a more loose and fun team and Tenacity being more structured and focused.  The task was to create a celebrity fitness class for Derek Jeter’s 24 Hour Fitness and to raise the most money for charity. This would have been well suited for Goldberg had he not made the mistake the week before and gotten himself fired. Sharon Osborne was selected to be the Project Manager for RockSolid and Holly Robinson Peete was selected for Tenacity.

Bret Michaels was at the heart of the fitness program. Their class was called the RockStar Celebrity Bootcamp. All the moves were edgy and had names of things that happen in the world of a rock stars such as Groupie Thrust and the Tour Bus Thrust to name a few. Curtis Stone and Summer Sanders were the driving force behind the fitness program for Tenacity. Cindy Lauper had to leave for the first part of the task for an event with Lady Gaga leaving Tenacity short one team member.

RockSolid’s operation was very loose. Sharon allowed for the team to just work as things fell into place. Ideas were flowing from Bret and Maria and they just pulled together and created a very entertaining fitness class. Sharon retained the responsibility for the fundraising. Team Tenacity worked with more structure. Deadlines, follow-up, delegation and Holly was responsible for the fundraising. 24 Hour Fitness was offering $24,000 to the team with the best original concept.

Both Project Managers were stressed about their donors ability to give money on such short notice. Ozzy Osborne was the guest host on WWE Raw during that time and Sharon was able to raise $30,000 from the WWE. Later she received another large donation of $25,000. Holly had been sweating about her $50,000 donation from Ron Burkel. It finally came through at the last-minute.

RockSolid conducted their classes and they were very active and fun while Tenacity’s class were structured and fundamental. In the boardroom Donald asked each team if they thought that they won. Each though that the other won for various reasons. Holly thought that Sharon had the advantage of having very rich friend that could donate a lot of money. Holly was asked, rhetorically if she thought that she had an advantage because of her yearly fundraising efforts.

RockSolid won the $24,000 from 24 Hour Fitness. and the amount was added to their fundraising effort making a total of $131,000. Tenacity was a little worried. Their total was announced as $206,000 so Tenacity won! After all the worrying Holly beat Sharon at a fundraising task.

Trump went on to needle everyone in the room on who should be fired. He asked everyone. He didn’t even dismiss the winning team. Trump said he wanted to fire somebody like a dog. No one was thrown under the bus but Holly snitched to Trump that Sharon said that she didn’t want to be there anymore. Sharon was ready to be fired when suddenly Donald Trump said that he was not going to fire anyone for such an across the board good job.

All the money raised went to the winning Project Managers charity so Holly’s received nearly $350,000. This was the largest amount of money raised outside of a final episode for a single task. The benevolent Trumpster allows everyone to stay for another week.  My evaluation of Trumpomatic… Nice!


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