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Celebrity Apprentice – Week 8 (Do it live!)

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on May 16, 2010

Week 8 Started with both teams intact from the prior week. In Week 7 no one was fired but The Trumpster promised to fire someone this week.  The teams were given their tasks.  They were to create and perform a live commercial for three different home repair companies. Bret Michaels once again stepped up to become the Project Manager for RockSolid. Summer Sanders became the Project Manager for Team Tenacity.

Both Teams met with the executives and received the guidelines for the commercials. The executives were very professional and straight laced. When asked about comedy appearing in the commercial they were not interested and felt that comedy didn’t really have a place for their line of work. Bret Michaels threw that out of the window and incorporated a butt crack pun in the plumbing commercial. When the executives heard that commercial they were not amused.

Team Tenacity wanted to incorporate Cindy Laupers singing in the commercials. While making the commercials Cindy’s voice started bothering her and Tenacity had to rely on the back-up singer for the rehearsals.  Summer created some commercials that had a great deal of information about the company.  Curtis Stone mention that he thought that the commercials were a bit copy heavy. Cindy came through at the end and was able to perform for the live spots. The executives were very happy as they listened to Team Tenacity’s spots. The execs went to report to The Donald who they thought won and the teams were brought into the boardroom.

In the boardroom RockSolids commercials were played first.  Bret was grilled about using the crack comment when the execs said they didn’t want any comedy at a plumbers expense. Bret defended his position and stood by his decision. Tenacity’s commercials were played next. Donald Trump though that the commercials were too wordy and that sentiment was echoed by the executives. The execs also wanted to hear more of Cindy’s voice in the spots. Curtis was asked what he though about RockSolids spots and he gave a very structured and intelligent critique. Sharon Osborne and Marie Kanellis took exception to Curtis’ remarks. They said that Curtis was smug and mocked his being Australian. Maria even went as far as to say she wanted to punch him (Kinda of worrying coming from a professional wrestler.)

Trumpomatic asked Summer what would she like for him to say. Summer said that she would like to hear him say that Tenacity were the winners but Trump said that he could not say that because RockSolid were the winners. RockSolid was dismissed then Tenacity was grilled about the creation of the commercial and who contributed the most. Summer took some heat for her delegation of the task and for not defending herself in the boardroom. This ultimately led to Summer being fired.

The show is almost to the season finale and these celebrities still do not know how to handle being in the boardroom. Curtis Stone so far is the only one that holds people accountable for what they did or didn’t do. His weakness is the fire needed to state his case more forcefully during the task and in the boardroom.

Donald you get a thumbs up this week.


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