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Celebrity Apprentice – Week 9 (The Celebrity Room)

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on May 22, 2010

This week the show started out with a twist. On the last episode Sharon Osborne and Maria Kanellis both stated how much they disliked Curtis Stone. So The Donaldator put Curtis on their team (RockSolid) and put Bret Michaels on Team Tenacity. The task was to decorate an apartment (in 24 hours!) and have a creative celebrity room. This task saw Sharon Osborne vs Holly Robinson-Peete (reluctantly) again as project managers.

Team Tenacity decided on colors for the apartment and Holly gave Cindy Lauper the celebrity room to keep her a bit occupied. Bret Michaels repeatedly had to reel Cindy in when she started yelling at the workers. Holly loved the help dealing with Cindy then… Bret had to leave the show to perform in a concert. Before Bret left he took some pictures of the New York skyline and had them blown up for wall art. Holly spearheaded the idea for a minty green New York Zen theme to the apartment with a red celebrity room. Cindy was to do all of the other creative decorating in that room. She felt to need to make the room exciting.

Team RockSolid appeared to start out in the hole. Curtis felt that he had to prove his likability to his new team and Maria though that Curtis was out to get her. Sharon felt that Maria was too young and inexperienced to be of use so she sent Maria on the non-creative task working away from the team for much of the task. RockSolid was behind in time for much of the task and it didn’t help that Sharon decided to repaint one of the rooms at the last-minute. Curtis made the kitchen look homey and then there was the mad dash to get rid of the wrapper and trash that was left behind from decorating.

Earlier, Bret’s pictures had arrived in the wrong sizes so he had to send them back and get the right sizes. He just completed putting them up when the judges came. The judges inspected their apartment then went to inspect Team Tenacity’s then reported their findings to The Donaldgizer.

In the Boardroom it was revealed that Team RockSolid’s celebrity room fell short and was just an average room but they did a great job making the apartment look more roomy than it was. Team Tenacity’s room missed the Zen mark but Cindy’s celebrity room was outstanding and Bret’s pictures were great. It was announced that Team RockSolid was Rock Solid and that they won the task.  RockSolid was dismissed then the drama began.

Holly and Bret thought that Cindy should have been the Project Manager and that she was very hard to work with. It was mentioned that the judges loved Cindy’s room and though it was the best one in the apartment. Cindy said the gloves are off and start going in on Holly. Bret sat there while Holly defended herself. The argument boiled down to Cindy being difficult to work with. Bret, being silent, almost led to him being fired. He came under fire for leaving then for not having the toughness to compete. He finally stood up for himself and said that Cindy needed to be fired. As much as the Judges liked Cindy’s room she admitted that the room was Holly’s idea thereby giving the credit for the compliments to Holly. The Don-miester promptly fired Cindy and cleared the boardroom.

I have said all season long that these celebrities don’t get it! They just don’t know how to operate in the boardroom, even this late in the game. The argument that Holly should have made is this.  Since the Judges loved Cindy’s room so much… if she would have stepped up to be the Project Manager then maybe her signature would have been all over the apartment and Team Tenacity would have won. Holly didn’t want to be Project Manager in the first place so her first line of defense should have been to hold Cindy responsible for not stepping up.

This week, Mr. Trump-o-matic… you fired the right person for a flimsy argument when a good one was there to be voiced. Not your fault but still… you’re safe this week.


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