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Celebrity Apprentice – Week 10 (The Semi-Finals)

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on May 23, 2010

This episode starts off with the remaining celebrities (Bret Michaels, Sharon Osborne, Maria Kanellis, Holly Robinson-Peete and Curtis Stone) celebrating in the champagne room having drinks. Suddenly they are all called back into the boardroom (not a place I’d like to go after drinking a little bit.) The five remaining candidates seems to continue to play nice nice in the boardroom.

The Trumptacular was, as always, all business in the boardroom. The rules were set to decide the last two candidates. Two people will be fired after interviews with previous winners Joan Rivers and Bill Rancic and one would be fired right then. Trump asked  everyone who was the weakest player and who should be fired. There was a lot of himmin and hawwin until he asked  Sharon. She didn’t give an answer until cornered and absolutely had to do so. She picked Maria to be fired. Curtis was asked the same thing and picked Maria right away. He still hadn’t gotten over what was said about him in the last boardroom. Maria tried to defend herself by saying that she didn’t like Curtis because he used their teams bathroom and left a smelly stench in there. Curtis thought that was a below the belt remark. In traditional Trump-o-matic fashion… Donald took a breath and told Maria that what she said was gross and inappropriate for his boardroom. Then he fired her. Down to four left.

The former Apprentices conducted the interviews and formed their opinions and reported back The Donaldator. Joan thought that the last two should be Sharon & Holly. Bill thought that Sharon didn’t have the energy to continue competing. They both thought that Curtis didn’t have the fire to win. The four remaining candidates were brought back in to the boardroom and again interrogated by The Trizzz-Umpster.

Curtis was told that the interviewers thought that he was a one trick pony. In similar fashion from earlier weeks, Curtis’ Defense was solid but without fire. Trump has a tendency to be rude to those that can take it (this is apparent on TV but I assume if the camera weren’t rolling anyone is subject to get the full Monty from the Trumpster.) He told Curtis that he was going to take the advice of the former Apprentices and promptly fired him, then told him to get the hell out! Funny, but awkward because Curtis, being the gentleman that he is, stood up, shook Trumps hand and thanked him for the opportunity. Down to three left.

Next the attention turned to Holly and Bret. Sharon got emotional about everyone reasons for winning and broke down crying. I think that Trump was about to focus on firing Bret until Sharon’s waterworks started. The patented inhale, then the “you’re great” speech started that resulted in Sharon being fired. The Finalist have been established as Holly Robinson-Peete and Bret Michaels! Who would have thought that Bret would be in the finals.  When I auditioned for the show over six weeks ago, one of the producers of the show was surprised that he had lasted up until that point.

Next week is the live season finally and it is questionable if Bret Michaels will be there due to health issues that have evolved over the past few weeks.


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