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What I took away from the Virg Bernero Conference Call

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on September 6, 2010

As I listened in on the conference call and the moderator began the introductions and discussion I discovered that I needed to be ready for rapid fire facts and statements if I intended on taking notes.  The pace and flow of the call very fast so I was not able to take a lot of notes and pay attention to the details of the discussion (I have to work on that.) That being said here are some of the points that I was able grasp from the call.

If elected Governor Virg Bernero is interested in pursuing the following to move Michigan forward:

  • Move Michigan money out of Wall Street banks, establish a state bank in Michigan or invest in local smaller banks

Many blame the economic downturn on the performance of the Wall Street banks. Some economist across the political spectrum have suggested the Americans remove their money from the Big Banks and invest in smaller banks to send a message to Wall Street.  It would seem that Bernero has subscribed to this concept.

  • Support the Presidents agenda

Of course this is a good statement if you are a Democratic and this also supports my thoughts about what is needed to move this state forward (See this blog for more.)  I want to hear this statement more out of my Senate and House candidates considering “the party of no” politics that are in play in Congress right now.

  • Keep and grow manufacturing jobs here not in other countries

Bernero has stated that he created 6000 jobs in lansing, did not raise taxes and that his opponent Rich Synder shipped off Michigan Jobs to China. I will be researching the Michigan economic climate over the next month or so.  There are thing on both sides of this issue that I do not completely understand.

  • LBGT supporter

His brother was gay, suffered from discrimination, died from AIDS/HIV.

  • Restoring the Michigan Promise grant

I know students that were enrolling in school and were looking forward to this grant and were told that the program was discontinued. Of course many students would be interested in this grant being restored (myself included) but I would like to know what the cost of restoring this grant would be (not the dollar cost but the resources cost.)

  • Student aid / doubles Pell grants

This point flew past quite quickly but I was able to understand that Bernero is interested in affecting a student aid program that will double the amount awarded with the Pell grant.

Overall the conference call was very informative. I do want to comment on the tone of the candidate.  Virg Bernero is very passionate about these issues and more.  His passion has led to a moniker as “America’s angriest Mayor.”  I would hope that the campaign advisors or the candidate himself would not embrace this moniker and remember the Howard Dean scream speech of 2004. Voters may not react favorably to an “Angry Mayor” becoming Governor.


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