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The Mayonnaise Jar and 2 Cups of Coffee

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on October 17, 2010

The  Mayonnaise Jar and 2 Cups of Coffee

When things in your lives seem almost too much to handle, when 24  hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2  cups of coffee.

A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in   front of him.  When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a  very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls.  He then asked the students if the jar was full.  They agreed that it was.

The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar.  He shook the jar lightly.  The pebbles rolled into  the open areas between the golf balls.   He then asked the students again if the jar was  full.  They agreed it was.

The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the  jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else.  He asked  once more if the jar was full.  The students responded with an unanimous “yes.”

The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and  poured the entire contents into the jar effectively filling the  empty space between the sand.  The students laughed.

“Now,” said the professor as the laughter subsided, “I want  you to recognize that this jar represents your life.  The golf balls are the important things–your family, your children, your health, your friends and your favorite passions—and if everything  else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full.

The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house and your car.

The sand is everything else—the small stuff.  “If you put the sand into the jar first,” he continued, “there is no room  for the pebbles or the golf balls.  The same goes for life.   If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff you will  never have room for the things that are important to you.

“Pay attention to the things that are critical to your  happiness.  Play with your children.  Take time to get medical checkups.  Take your  spouse out to dinner.  Play another 18.  There will always be time to clean the house and fix  the disposal.  Take care of the ! golf balls first—the things  that really matter.  Set your priorities.  The rest is just  sand.”

One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the coffee represented.  The professor smiled.  “I’m glad you asked.

It just goes to show you that no matter how full your life may seem, there’s always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend.”


Do the rich just get richer with Republican Presidents? Take a Look.

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on October 12, 2010

Rachel Maddow showed this chart on her show a few months back.  I was talking about it in my economy class but didn’t do the chart any justice so I had to find it.

Take a look at this chart and tell me what it means to you.

Pick A Party!

What I took away from the Virg Bernero Conference Call

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on September 6, 2010

As I listened in on the conference call and the moderator began the introductions and discussion I discovered that I needed to be ready for rapid fire facts and statements if I intended on taking notes.  The pace and flow of the call very fast so I was not able to take a lot of notes and pay attention to the details of the discussion (I have to work on that.) That being said here are some of the points that I was able grasp from the call.

If elected Governor Virg Bernero is interested in pursuing the following to move Michigan forward:

  • Move Michigan money out of Wall Street banks, establish a state bank in Michigan or invest in local smaller banks

Many blame the economic downturn on the performance of the Wall Street banks. Some economist across the political spectrum have suggested the Americans remove their money from the Big Banks and invest in smaller banks to send a message to Wall Street.  It would seem that Bernero has subscribed to this concept.

  • Support the Presidents agenda

Of course this is a good statement if you are a Democratic and this also supports my thoughts about what is needed to move this state forward (See this blog for more.)  I want to hear this statement more out of my Senate and House candidates considering “the party of no” politics that are in play in Congress right now.

  • Keep and grow manufacturing jobs here not in other countries

Bernero has stated that he created 6000 jobs in lansing, did not raise taxes and that his opponent Rich Synder shipped off Michigan Jobs to China. I will be researching the Michigan economic climate over the next month or so.  There are thing on both sides of this issue that I do not completely understand.

  • LBGT supporter

His brother was gay, suffered from discrimination, died from AIDS/HIV.

  • Restoring the Michigan Promise grant

I know students that were enrolling in school and were looking forward to this grant and were told that the program was discontinued. Of course many students would be interested in this grant being restored (myself included) but I would like to know what the cost of restoring this grant would be (not the dollar cost but the resources cost.)

  • Student aid / doubles Pell grants

This point flew past quite quickly but I was able to understand that Bernero is interested in affecting a student aid program that will double the amount awarded with the Pell grant.

Overall the conference call was very informative. I do want to comment on the tone of the candidate.  Virg Bernero is very passionate about these issues and more.  His passion has led to a moniker as “America’s angriest Mayor.”  I would hope that the campaign advisors or the candidate himself would not embrace this moniker and remember the Howard Dean scream speech of 2004. Voters may not react favorably to an “Angry Mayor” becoming Governor.

I will be on the Bernero Conference Call on 9-2-2010

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on August 31, 2010

Here is my question for the Gubernatorial candidate.

Over the past 30 years the party of the Governor of the State of Michigan has been the opposite than that of the President of the United States.  Historically that means that the Republican candidate for this office, in the modern era of politics, may be the favorite for this office.  A win by Bernero will give Michigan, at the minimum, four-consecutive years of having a same-party partner in Washington D. C. (John Engler Didn’t even have a same-party run like that in his 12-years in office.)

If Michigan has the opportunity to have a Democratic Governor… that Governor could possibly have a four year run with this current President.  If Virg Benero gets the opportunity to lead the State of Michigan through a potentially beneficially period of time that has not existed in over 30-years… what are you (Virg Bernero) going to do to for the State of Michigan to benefit from this type of a same-party partnership with the Federal Government?

Celebrity Apprentice – Week 10 (The Semi-Finals)

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on May 23, 2010

This episode starts off with the remaining celebrities (Bret Michaels, Sharon Osborne, Maria Kanellis, Holly Robinson-Peete and Curtis Stone) celebrating in the champagne room having drinks. Suddenly they are all called back into the boardroom (not a place I’d like to go after drinking a little bit.) The five remaining candidates seems to continue to play nice nice in the boardroom.

The Trumptacular was, as always, all business in the boardroom. The rules were set to decide the last two candidates. Two people will be fired after interviews with previous winners Joan Rivers and Bill Rancic and one would be fired right then. Trump asked  everyone who was the weakest player and who should be fired. There was a lot of himmin and hawwin until he asked  Sharon. She didn’t give an answer until cornered and absolutely had to do so. She picked Maria to be fired. Curtis was asked the same thing and picked Maria right away. He still hadn’t gotten over what was said about him in the last boardroom. Maria tried to defend herself by saying that she didn’t like Curtis because he used their teams bathroom and left a smelly stench in there. Curtis thought that was a below the belt remark. In traditional Trump-o-matic fashion… Donald took a breath and told Maria that what she said was gross and inappropriate for his boardroom. Then he fired her. Down to four left.

The former Apprentices conducted the interviews and formed their opinions and reported back The Donaldator. Joan thought that the last two should be Sharon & Holly. Bill thought that Sharon didn’t have the energy to continue competing. They both thought that Curtis didn’t have the fire to win. The four remaining candidates were brought back in to the boardroom and again interrogated by The Trizzz-Umpster.

Curtis was told that the interviewers thought that he was a one trick pony. In similar fashion from earlier weeks, Curtis’ Defense was solid but without fire. Trump has a tendency to be rude to those that can take it (this is apparent on TV but I assume if the camera weren’t rolling anyone is subject to get the full Monty from the Trumpster.) He told Curtis that he was going to take the advice of the former Apprentices and promptly fired him, then told him to get the hell out! Funny, but awkward because Curtis, being the gentleman that he is, stood up, shook Trumps hand and thanked him for the opportunity. Down to three left.

Next the attention turned to Holly and Bret. Sharon got emotional about everyone reasons for winning and broke down crying. I think that Trump was about to focus on firing Bret until Sharon’s waterworks started. The patented inhale, then the “you’re great” speech started that resulted in Sharon being fired. The Finalist have been established as Holly Robinson-Peete and Bret Michaels! Who would have thought that Bret would be in the finals.  When I auditioned for the show over six weeks ago, one of the producers of the show was surprised that he had lasted up until that point.

Next week is the live season finally and it is questionable if Bret Michaels will be there due to health issues that have evolved over the past few weeks.

Celebrity Apprentice – Week 9 (The Celebrity Room)

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on May 22, 2010

This week the show started out with a twist. On the last episode Sharon Osborne and Maria Kanellis both stated how much they disliked Curtis Stone. So The Donaldator put Curtis on their team (RockSolid) and put Bret Michaels on Team Tenacity. The task was to decorate an apartment (in 24 hours!) and have a creative celebrity room. This task saw Sharon Osborne vs Holly Robinson-Peete (reluctantly) again as project managers.

Team Tenacity decided on colors for the apartment and Holly gave Cindy Lauper the celebrity room to keep her a bit occupied. Bret Michaels repeatedly had to reel Cindy in when she started yelling at the workers. Holly loved the help dealing with Cindy then… Bret had to leave the show to perform in a concert. Before Bret left he took some pictures of the New York skyline and had them blown up for wall art. Holly spearheaded the idea for a minty green New York Zen theme to the apartment with a red celebrity room. Cindy was to do all of the other creative decorating in that room. She felt to need to make the room exciting.

Team RockSolid appeared to start out in the hole. Curtis felt that he had to prove his likability to his new team and Maria though that Curtis was out to get her. Sharon felt that Maria was too young and inexperienced to be of use so she sent Maria on the non-creative task working away from the team for much of the task. RockSolid was behind in time for much of the task and it didn’t help that Sharon decided to repaint one of the rooms at the last-minute. Curtis made the kitchen look homey and then there was the mad dash to get rid of the wrapper and trash that was left behind from decorating.

Earlier, Bret’s pictures had arrived in the wrong sizes so he had to send them back and get the right sizes. He just completed putting them up when the judges came. The judges inspected their apartment then went to inspect Team Tenacity’s then reported their findings to The Donaldgizer.

In the Boardroom it was revealed that Team RockSolid’s celebrity room fell short and was just an average room but they did a great job making the apartment look more roomy than it was. Team Tenacity’s room missed the Zen mark but Cindy’s celebrity room was outstanding and Bret’s pictures were great. It was announced that Team RockSolid was Rock Solid and that they won the task.  RockSolid was dismissed then the drama began.

Holly and Bret thought that Cindy should have been the Project Manager and that she was very hard to work with. It was mentioned that the judges loved Cindy’s room and though it was the best one in the apartment. Cindy said the gloves are off and start going in on Holly. Bret sat there while Holly defended herself. The argument boiled down to Cindy being difficult to work with. Bret, being silent, almost led to him being fired. He came under fire for leaving then for not having the toughness to compete. He finally stood up for himself and said that Cindy needed to be fired. As much as the Judges liked Cindy’s room she admitted that the room was Holly’s idea thereby giving the credit for the compliments to Holly. The Don-miester promptly fired Cindy and cleared the boardroom.

I have said all season long that these celebrities don’t get it! They just don’t know how to operate in the boardroom, even this late in the game. The argument that Holly should have made is this.  Since the Judges loved Cindy’s room so much… if she would have stepped up to be the Project Manager then maybe her signature would have been all over the apartment and Team Tenacity would have won. Holly didn’t want to be Project Manager in the first place so her first line of defense should have been to hold Cindy responsible for not stepping up.

This week, Mr. Trump-o-matic… you fired the right person for a flimsy argument when a good one was there to be voiced. Not your fault but still… you’re safe this week.

Celebrity Apprentice – Week 8 (Do it live!)

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on May 16, 2010

Week 8 Started with both teams intact from the prior week. In Week 7 no one was fired but The Trumpster promised to fire someone this week.  The teams were given their tasks.  They were to create and perform a live commercial for three different home repair companies. Bret Michaels once again stepped up to become the Project Manager for RockSolid. Summer Sanders became the Project Manager for Team Tenacity.

Both Teams met with the executives and received the guidelines for the commercials. The executives were very professional and straight laced. When asked about comedy appearing in the commercial they were not interested and felt that comedy didn’t really have a place for their line of work. Bret Michaels threw that out of the window and incorporated a butt crack pun in the plumbing commercial. When the executives heard that commercial they were not amused.

Team Tenacity wanted to incorporate Cindy Laupers singing in the commercials. While making the commercials Cindy’s voice started bothering her and Tenacity had to rely on the back-up singer for the rehearsals.  Summer created some commercials that had a great deal of information about the company.  Curtis Stone mention that he thought that the commercials were a bit copy heavy. Cindy came through at the end and was able to perform for the live spots. The executives were very happy as they listened to Team Tenacity’s spots. The execs went to report to The Donald who they thought won and the teams were brought into the boardroom.

In the boardroom RockSolids commercials were played first.  Bret was grilled about using the crack comment when the execs said they didn’t want any comedy at a plumbers expense. Bret defended his position and stood by his decision. Tenacity’s commercials were played next. Donald Trump though that the commercials were too wordy and that sentiment was echoed by the executives. The execs also wanted to hear more of Cindy’s voice in the spots. Curtis was asked what he though about RockSolids spots and he gave a very structured and intelligent critique. Sharon Osborne and Marie Kanellis took exception to Curtis’ remarks. They said that Curtis was smug and mocked his being Australian. Maria even went as far as to say she wanted to punch him (Kinda of worrying coming from a professional wrestler.)

Trumpomatic asked Summer what would she like for him to say. Summer said that she would like to hear him say that Tenacity were the winners but Trump said that he could not say that because RockSolid were the winners. RockSolid was dismissed then Tenacity was grilled about the creation of the commercial and who contributed the most. Summer took some heat for her delegation of the task and for not defending herself in the boardroom. This ultimately led to Summer being fired.

The show is almost to the season finale and these celebrities still do not know how to handle being in the boardroom. Curtis Stone so far is the only one that holds people accountable for what they did or didn’t do. His weakness is the fire needed to state his case more forcefully during the task and in the boardroom.

Donald you get a thumbs up this week.

Celebrity Apprentice – Week 7 (Reorganization)

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on May 12, 2010

“RockSolid, you’ve hit rock bottom. The women have kicked your ass… you know that!” – Donald Trump

This week finds RockSolid down to only two team member vs Tenacity’s having seven. Donald Trump moved Curtis Stone to Tenacity and moved Sharon Osborne and Maria Kanellis to RockSolid.  Both teams immediately took on a new vibe with RockSolid being a more loose and fun team and Tenacity being more structured and focused.  The task was to create a celebrity fitness class for Derek Jeter’s 24 Hour Fitness and to raise the most money for charity. This would have been well suited for Goldberg had he not made the mistake the week before and gotten himself fired. Sharon Osborne was selected to be the Project Manager for RockSolid and Holly Robinson Peete was selected for Tenacity.

Bret Michaels was at the heart of the fitness program. Their class was called the RockStar Celebrity Bootcamp. All the moves were edgy and had names of things that happen in the world of a rock stars such as Groupie Thrust and the Tour Bus Thrust to name a few. Curtis Stone and Summer Sanders were the driving force behind the fitness program for Tenacity. Cindy Lauper had to leave for the first part of the task for an event with Lady Gaga leaving Tenacity short one team member.

RockSolid’s operation was very loose. Sharon allowed for the team to just work as things fell into place. Ideas were flowing from Bret and Maria and they just pulled together and created a very entertaining fitness class. Sharon retained the responsibility for the fundraising. Team Tenacity worked with more structure. Deadlines, follow-up, delegation and Holly was responsible for the fundraising. 24 Hour Fitness was offering $24,000 to the team with the best original concept.

Both Project Managers were stressed about their donors ability to give money on such short notice. Ozzy Osborne was the guest host on WWE Raw during that time and Sharon was able to raise $30,000 from the WWE. Later she received another large donation of $25,000. Holly had been sweating about her $50,000 donation from Ron Burkel. It finally came through at the last-minute.

RockSolid conducted their classes and they were very active and fun while Tenacity’s class were structured and fundamental. In the boardroom Donald asked each team if they thought that they won. Each though that the other won for various reasons. Holly thought that Sharon had the advantage of having very rich friend that could donate a lot of money. Holly was asked, rhetorically if she thought that she had an advantage because of her yearly fundraising efforts.

RockSolid won the $24,000 from 24 Hour Fitness. and the amount was added to their fundraising effort making a total of $131,000. Tenacity was a little worried. Their total was announced as $206,000 so Tenacity won! After all the worrying Holly beat Sharon at a fundraising task.

Trump went on to needle everyone in the room on who should be fired. He asked everyone. He didn’t even dismiss the winning team. Trump said he wanted to fire somebody like a dog. No one was thrown under the bus but Holly snitched to Trump that Sharon said that she didn’t want to be there anymore. Sharon was ready to be fired when suddenly Donald Trump said that he was not going to fire anyone for such an across the board good job.

All the money raised went to the winning Project Managers charity so Holly’s received nearly $350,000. This was the largest amount of money raised outside of a final episode for a single task. The benevolent Trumpster allows everyone to stay for another week.  My evaluation of Trumpomatic… Nice!

Celebrity Apprentice – Week 6 (A Costly Mistake)

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on May 8, 2010

It will be hard to not foreshadow what happens in this episode as I introduce the task. Trace Adkins from season 1 of Celebrity Apprentice was the guest judge of the task.  He introduced the task to make-over two country artist.  Cindy Lauper jumped at the opportunity to make over a country artist for Team Tenacity. Bill Goldberg stepped up to be the Project Manager since everyone on his team had been the Project Manager at least once except him.  Donald Trump asked why not Bret Michaels for this task and Goldberg stated his case.

The two teams started by listening to the music of each artist and then met the artist.  The two artist were Emily West and Luke Bryan. Cindy fell in love with Emily and Bret called some music industry insiders for additional background. Both Tenacity and RockSolid met up to debate over which artist they wanted to work with. Tenacity chose Emily and without conflict RockSolid chose Luke.

Cindy started off being closed minded towards many of her team members and throughout the task she wouldn’t take any advice from anyone. Sharon Osborne was still out sick but when she returned Cindy only took advice from Sharon.  Maria Kanellis and Holly Robinson Peete were both trying to assist in the task but were not given the opportunity to do much to help the project.

Goldberg delegated much of the task to Bret Michaels because Bret is in the music business.  In usual form Bret was all over the place with ideas on how to make over their artist. Team RockSolid seemed to have little conflict accomplishing this task. Cindy Lauper was very difficult to work with for many of the teammates. Maria repeatedly attempted to assist in doing something, which just kept pissing Cindy off.

The artist makeovers were completed and both Luke and Emily had interviews and performed with their new persona. Pete Fisher from the Grand Ole Opry, Cynthia Sands from People Country Magazine and Mike Colota a country DJ judged the interview and performances of the two artist and tallied their results. In the boardroom Cindy went after Maria for her part as a stylist for Emily and Maria went right back at Cindy for changing what she had done. Cindy kept after Maria and Maria fired back by saying that her childhood idol Cindy Lauper was being mean.

The results of the judges were presented. Tenacity won! The Judges though highly of RockSolids work but it just wasn’t enough to win the task.

Goldberg as the Project Manager stated that he delegated most of the task to Bret Michaels.  Goldberg dug a hole that he could not get out of. He argued that he became the Project Manager because he felt it was his turn to step up. Bret and Curtis both thought that Bret should be fired because he handled most of the task. In the end Donald Trump fired Goldberg because he should not have been the Project Manager in the first place.

This was an easy one for The Donald and the way most things will go in a losing task. Project was a success… team loses… Project Manager gets fired.  Good Job Donald! This was an easy decision but the right decision.

Note: Trace Adkins did not initially agree with the Trumpster until he explained the Goldberg should not have been the Project Manager.

Celebrity Apprentice – Week 5 (Da Funk!)

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on May 8, 2010

Week 5 finds the teams of Tenacity and RockSolid doing two promotional spots for Right Guard Total Defense 5. Team Tenacity chose Holly Robinson Peete as the Project Manager and RockSolid chose Curtis Stone. The teams met with the executives from Right Guard and they instructed both teams of the 13 – 18 male demographic they wanted to target.

Team Tenacity started off short-handed because Sharon Osborn was ill and Cindy Lauper had an engagement in Washington D.C.  Holly had a concept to base the commercial around “The First Moments of Funk” a time when a mother first notices that her son is funky. Scottie Pippen was the celebrity for the “First Moments of Funk” commercial and the women made him the “Funky Godfather.”  Cindy phoned in a suggestion from D.C. but most of the team blew off Cindy’s ideas. When she returned she was allowed to assist by helping make the jingle better. The first commercial was entertaining as was the second but the second one was a condensed edit of the first.

Bret Michaels of Team RockSolid immediately came up with a concept that Curtis decided to go with. Clyde Drexler was the Celebrity for the RockSolid spot.  The concept was that two teens won Clyde for the day and they were trying to make him funky. When filming began RockSolid began to feel as though the concept was too much to film in the alloted time. Bret Michaels kept changing the concept then Curtis made a decision to stay with the first concept. RockSolid’s first commercial was funny and on target and the second one was entertaining.

In the boardroom both teams commercials were shown. Donald Trump informed the teams that the Right Guard executives liked RockSolids spots better because they targeted the right demographic. RockSolid was dismissed from the boardroom.

Members of Team Tenacity started to identify where they went wrong and started “throwing each other under the bus.” Holly brought Maria Kanellis and Selita Ebanks back into the boardroom.  Holly and Maria argued for a while and Selita just sat there.  She was under attack at times but didn’t defend herself. Maria was being blamed for the editing of the spots and audio but deflected the attack back to Holly for not following up on the project when asked to do so.  In the end Selita was fired for not being a strong competitor and not defending herself.

What this group of celebrities still have not understood about the boardroom is that it is about accountability. That is the best argument to have in the boardroom. Selita appears to still be in the nice nice mode thus she got fired when it should have probably been Holly as the Project Manager for not targeting the right demographic.

Donald Trump this weeks decision was a bit harder.  Again the Project Manager screwed up the overall concept but Selita did not defend herself in the board room.  So Donald Trump you are safe this week.

Note:  Michael Johnson had an emergency and had to leave the show this week.