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Cobo Hall Renovations: Where is the outrage from last year?

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on January 25, 2010

Why was there no logistical panic about the North American International Auto Show this year?  You know the panic I’m referring to don’t you?  I’m talking about the panic that threatened the shows continued existence in Detroit and was the underlining theme during the 2009 show.  Hear’s what I remember.

The future of the Auto Show remaining in Detroit was in jeopardy.  Money for renovations of Cobo Hall was hotly dusputed.  A Regional Authority to take over Cobo Hall was considered by regional leaders and voted down by the Detroit City Counsel. The Automobile industry was plagued with a financial crisis that cause some car makers to pull out of the 2009 show. Los Angeles and Chicago were vying to host the Automobile industries marquee event.  A plan was even drafted to move the show to the Novi Expo Center. Why have we not heard anything about Detroit losing the Auto Show this year?  Are all the problems with hosting the Auto Show at Cobo Hall fixed?  What’s different this year?

This year Detroit has a new Mayor and five new members of the City Counsel. The Automobile industry has slightly rebounded from the recession and some Automakers have even returned to profitability.  But do these changes mean that the need to renovate Cobo Has has changed?  I don’t think so.  Obviously the recession presented a problem for the funding for the Auto Show and for funding renovations at Cobo.  But was the panic and threat to move the show to another city an organized campaign to put local leaders on the hot seat and effect a local election?  Was the panic an effort to shift focus away from other issues with the automobile industry?  I want to know what the differences from last year and this year are.

One dramatic news story of last years show was that of a leaky roof causing damage to the vehicles on display. This years show was interrupted when a fire broke out. Early reports from the Detroit News say that the fire appears to have been caused by a faulty outlet.  This didn’t even spark (no pun intended) renewed talks of renovations at Cobo Hall.  So where is all the outrage from last year, if Cobo Hall is in virtually the same condition as last year?