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The Michigan and Federal government have not been inline, contributing to the economic decline in Michigan.

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on January 20, 2010

The economy of Michigan is in shambles and the mixed bag of political parties is partially to blame. For as long as I have been aware of politics, the Governor of Michigan and the President of the United States political parties have not been inline with each other. This statement is not completely true because the election for the Governor is two years offset from the Presidential election. However dating back to 1963 there have been no one-term Governors of this state so each Governor since then has had ample opportunity to have a full term with any of the two political parties heading the Federal government.

From what I understand the Federal government is partial to assisting states with a Governor of the same party of the President. So let’s look at that. Republican President Ronald Reagan is widely considered to be one of the greatest Presidents of the modern era for transforming politics and ushering in a new era of conservatism. Reaganomics is attributed to great public debt the increase of the Federal deficit to nearly 2.8 trillion dollars. Many in urban areas felt the brunt of the unemployment rate during this time and that led to crime and drug cartels prospering through the Reagan era. Shortly after President Reagan took office Democrat James Blanchard became Governor of the State of Michigan. It’s not too far of a stretch to say the policies of these two administrations were not inline with each other and this could have been a contributing factor of Michigan’s economic demise.

Republican George H.W. Bush was elected to office in 1989. This led to a continuation of Reaganomics and to Blanchard governing for six years with a President of the opposite political party in the White House. The Next election saw Republican John Engler become Governor of Michigan. Again this Governor had only two years to work with a Federal government of the same party before Democrat Bill Clinton became President.

President Clinton governed over a flourishing economy for eight years, reduced the deficit and created a budget surplus. Why didn’t Michigan benefit for the same boon that other states did during this era? Could it have been that again the State and Federal agenda’s were so far apart that again Michigan was passed over for Federal support during a prosperous period?

Engler was elected to a second and third term for Governor of Michigan and had eight years with the President being of the opposite political party. The Engler Administration saw the shut down of many state-run services to balance the budget and cut spending. This further hurt the Michigan economy. Engler was succeeded by Democrat Jennifer Granholm and the trend continued.

Two years after Granholm took office the President was of the other party. Granholm was reelected to a second term giving her a four-year run with President George W. Bush in office. As the Michigan economy continued to decline again the Governor’s agenda was not inline with the Federal agenda and again a Governor had to make hard decision to cut services and balance budgets. Could things have been different if the Governor and the President were of the same political party over the past 30 years?

The year 2009 saw the election of President Barack Obama and due to term limits Governor Granholm’s reign is coming to an end. The Michigan Democratic party appears to be in disarray without a candidate to run for office. The State’s Attorney General seems to be a launching pad for the Governor of the State of Michigan. This puts Republican Mike Cox as the front-runner for the Governorship of Michigan.

I cite the mixed matched nature of the State and Federal government as a contributing factor for the decline of the Michigan economy. With the unemployment rate of Michigan in the double digits and the unofficial unemployment rate in the states largest city being near 50 percent this trend can not continue. Attorney General Mike Cox WILL be the next Governor of this state and there are early signs that the Obama Administration will cover an eight year period. This will give Mike Cox the same perils that his predecessors faced when dealing with the Federal government.

Michigan, it’s time for some type of internal reform.