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The New City Council Takes on the Strip Club Issue. Part 2

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on February 23, 2010

The Detroit City Counsel has decided to vote to regulate the strip clubs here in The D.  Pastor Marvin Winans says that this Counsel did not do the will of the people by rejecting the stricter regulations.  I do not think that this issue should be on the City County’s agenda.  I don’t agree with Marvin Winans position and I don’t agree with the regulations in the current vote regulate the Adult Entertainment industry but I do agree with the club owners, that it could have been worse.  If the City Counsel had voted to eliminate the sale of alcohol the club owners would have had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting the vote in court.  I think the club owners would rather bite the bullet on eliminating lap dances than have to fight the alcohol ban.

This new regulation goes into effect next month.  I am going to go to a couple of the bars before and after the ban goes into effect.  I want to see how much higher the cover charge rises.  I want to see if the dancers revenues increase or decrease.  I want to see if the VIP rooms get closed or remodeled.  I want to know how many dancers end up out of work because of the drop in business.  I want to know which clubs close and which one survive (I already have an idea about that.)

I would like to see what the experts say about the economic ramifications of tampering with the Adult entertainment business in this city.  Will Windsor’s Adult Entertainment Industry pick-up?  By all accounts the majority of strip club patrons are from north of 8-Mile Rd.  One argument is that There are no strip clubs north of 8-Mile so let’s be like them by regulating them out of business.  Hmmm It appears to me there is a market that is undeserved in the suburbs and only south of Baseline Rd serves this specific need.  It seems as though the hard-working folk of Oakland and Macomb County spend their hard-earned cash in Wayne County.  Why would we want to tamper with that.  Why would we want to move that money further south, out of the United States  into Canada?  (More to come)


The New City Council Takes on the Strip Club Issue. Part 1

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on February 12, 2010

The Detroit City Council is considering the Strip Club Issue again.  I am glad that this issue was held over for the new Council to consider because this is not an easy issue.  I think that these special interest groups need to leave the strip clubs alone.  These groups are attempting to destroy an entire industry with their hypocritical views toward about morality.  I feel that the last City Council was heavily influenced by these special interest groups and the New Council will look at all the issues that are surrounding the debate.