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What’s happening in the Michigan Gubernatorial race?

Posted in News & Entertainment by trickyd313 on January 13, 2010

While Attorney General Mike Cox appears to be cruising along as the front runner for the Republican party for the next election, it seems that the Democratic party is having a very tough time.  No front runner seems to exist!  Lt Governor John Cherry dropped out of the race.  He should have been the front runner for the Democratic party but his lack of visibility over the last eight years may have made him unelectable.

I think that the Democrats of this state don’t want to get “Obamaed.”  What I mean by that is I don’t think these potential candidates are willing or have the guts to take over a state in such an economy and have to lead it out of this position.  It now seems that Denise Ilitch is considering a run for Lansing.  She would be and instant front runner for the office.

While Mike Cox is in what appears to be a cake walk to the Governors Mansion, the Democratic party seems lost in the sauce with no candidate for the office.